The Maze

En roadtrip till Vara med omnejd för att besöka mathantverkssafarin, som de har två gånger per år.
Många fina stopp och kul matshopping, två fulla kylväskor med en massa gott kom vi hem med:)


In the maze at Bondfrun, I found my way,
Through winding paths where children play.
A labyrinth of green, a puzzle of delight,
Underneath the open sky, so clear and bright.

With each twist and turn, a new surprise,
In the maze at Bondfrun, where adventure lies.
The hedges tall, the laughter in the air,
I wandered through this garden without a care.

In the heart of the maze, I paused to see,
The beauty of nature’s maze, so wild and free.
A moment of peace, a moment to reflect,
In the maze on at Bondfrun, I felt so perfect.

As the sun began to set, I made my way out,
Leaving behind the maze, without a doubt.
In the maze at Bondfrun, I had found,
A piece of serenity, on this hallowed ground.